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learn how to file an a-to-z guarantee claim here. amazon refund policy has plenty of fine print and can be hard to completely understand if you're not a lawyer. however, the vast majority of transactions will follow the rules discussed here. only request refunds when it's reasonable to do so and you should never have any trouble getting your money back.

2% back on local transit and commuting, including rideshare (new) the prime visa previously offered a $100 amazon gift card upon account approval. it now offers a notably better $150 amazon gift card and 5% back on all purchases, up to $2,500, for three months after account opening. that's up to $275 in value.

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detection in general, there are two ways tourists can detect hotel fake reviews before booking. they are typically either reviewing it manually based on different heuristics (e.g., [5]) or using software tools (e.g., [1, 6]). due to sparse research on a combination and flexible implementation of different approaches for automatic fake review classification, the presented research aims to create a new system following the design science research method [7]. thus, this short paper is part of an ongoing research project addressing the research question "how can a flexible hotel fake review detection system be designed?". in the following a short and comprehensive theoretical background section is given before the proposed solution approach is presented. in the digital age, information is everywhere. at the click of a button a message can travel across oceans in the time it takes to blink. for the large part, it's an incredible testament to human invention. but for some part, as with the spread of destructive fake news, it reveals our ugly side.

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instead you can put your effort into prevention, and making it as easy as possible to tackle return fraud in the future. this way, casual abuse can be minimized so only the most sophisticated fraudsters continue to have an impact on your business. having a process can take the stress out of the whole situation – you just follow the steps that are set out. some types of return fraud use brazen tactics to get free products, such as returning a box filled with dirt, so no alarm bells are triggered when it is weighed. others will quietly subvert the returns process to sabotage their competitors – and might never be discovered at all.

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flex drivers use the amazon flex app to check what deliveries are available in their area. then, they reserve a delivery block, which ranges from three to six hours. as an amazon flex driver, you're considered an independent contractor, not an employee of amazon. the working arrangement is similar to those of uber or lyft drivers.

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